Backed by private and public resources: research and empirical data increase the effectiveness of the training and trucking communities as they reach towards the highest safety outcomes.
Educational materials backed by PTDI provide new and seasoned professionals with the tools to instruct entry-level drivers in accordance with the highest standards in truck driver training.
Training documentation materials provided by PTDI offer training professionals the ability to document their safety-based training regimes in accordance with federal oversight requirements.
Martin Garsee, Director of Transportation Training

Houston Community College

"I was introduced to PTDI in the late 1990s. Houston Community College was certified by PTDI and held that certification for over 20 years. The PTDI standard is respected by the industry and was also a great tool for documenting what was taught in the schools. 

Recent changes will take PTDI to a new level and provide resources to schools that will enhance their training. PTDI has assembled a stellar group of all-stars in the driver training area to serve on the board. I look forward to being a part of that group that will take PTDI forward and continue to make it relevant for the future."

Chuck Wirth, Senior Director Academy Operations
Swift Driving Academy
"PTDI is known within the truck driving industry as a way of ensuring quality in training. PTDI has always been a leader in this space and this is because of the great leaders behind the scenes that step up everyday to leverage their talents to make trucking a safe and professional career. I look forward to seeing PTDI help the next crop of students to become safe and successful commercial drivers."
Carl Spatocco
Education Evolve/CC Training
"PTDI has long been associated with “Raising the Bar” in professional driver training.  It is comforting to know that the new direction for the organization is being driven by the same core values that made PTDI a respected name in the industry.  The change in delivery will make the guidance and resources available to training providers broader and much more accessible."
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