Find a school with PTDI-Certified courses.

Certificate and Seal of Attainment

Checklist for Quality Courses in Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Driver Training

Note: PTDI certifies courses at truck driving schools. PTDI is not a school and does not offer courses. Please contact individual schools for information on their PTDI-certified courses.

Graduates of PTDI-certified courses who complete all school and PTDI requirements will receive a PTDI Certificate of Attainment or a PTDI Seal on the school's certificate. However, graduates are not themselves certified.

Some websites showing schools could be paid advertisements. Also, some websites may show outdated information on schools, whether having a certified course or not. The PTDI website is continously updated.

Any school may use PTDI curriculum materials; however, only those schools that have a PTDI-certified course may advertise that they meet or exceed PTDI standards.