Daily Dispatch Challenge
ISBN: 1-4018-5498-2

The Daily Dispatch Challenge is a simulated, interactive, multimedia training CD-ROM that works like a game, but may be the most important management and retention tool a company will ever use. This program presents real life issues and scenarios that fleet managers are likely to face on the job. Users of the DDC respond to these events and a mentor provides advice, encouragement, and reinforces the communication skills and abilities fleet managers need to be successful. The DDC can be used in a formal training program or in self-directed study. More Details...

Dispatcher Training Guide
ISBN: 1-4018-3227-X

This instructional guidebook can provide virtually anyone who communicated with drivers in the trucking industry with the management skill set they need for on-the-job success! Coverage helps readers develop and fine-tune their interpersonal communication, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities, an teaches readers how to handle stress and resolve conflicts. More Details...

Straight Truck Driver Handbook / Workbook
Career Publishing
ISBN: 0-8926-2503-1

The Straight Truck Driver Handbook / Workbook and ancillaries provide a comprehensive, turnkey curriculum for preparing younger students for a career in the trucking industry. This book not only prepares new drivers to fulfill these positions successfully, but the book and its ancillaries represent the first such curriculum of its nature offered in the US and Canada. More Details...


Overhead Masters
ISBN: 0-8926-2505-8

Instructor's Guide
ISBN: 0-8926-2504-X

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