Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Training
Delmar, Cengage Learning

When students need to learn from the resource even the pros trust, look no further than TRACTOR-TRAILER TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, 4TH EDITION. Delmar is the only official education partner of the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI). Our goal is to ensure that users are armed with the information needed to excel in their truck driver careers. The all-new fourth edition incorporates both customer and industry feedback to bring enhancements that truly capture the learning needs of the industry.More Details...

Tractor Trailer Driver Computer and Web Based Training
Delmar, Cengage Learning

The Trucking: Tractor Trailer Driver Web Based Training (WBT) and Computer Based Training (CBT) provides a comprehensive driver training curriculum available online or on CD-ROM. This user-friendly product contains core content, while utilizing graphics, animations, and interactions to keep the student engaged throughout the learning process. Use it alone, or in combination with the Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Training, 4th Edition for an unrivaled learning experience. More Details...

Trailer Truck Driver Training + Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Computer and Web Based Training
Delmar, Cengage Learning

Use Delmar's comprehensive driver training products together. The Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Training 4th Edition Manual and Tractor-Trailer Driver Computer and Web Based Training bundles are the ideal driver training program at an affordable price.
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Train the Trainer Program
Delmar, Cengage Learning

Among the many challenges facing the trucking industry, is standardizing driver training to ensure placement and retention of highly skilled professionals in the field. The Train the Trainer Program produced by PTDI and Thomson Delmar Learning strengthens the knowledge and skills of future trainers—the foundation of the trucking industry—and improves the image of the industry by improving instructor training. More Details...

Instructor's Manual *
ISBN: 1-4018-0513-2

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Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Regulations Training
Dave Daniels
ISBN: 1-4180-0578-9

Developed as a down-to-earth instructional guide, this manual clearly communicates the essential information and distinct operating characteristics concerning longer commercial vehicles and the rules and training requirements necessary for truck drivers, fleet managers, and those responsible for their training. More Details...

True Stories of Driver Turnover, Translating the Driver's Perspective
Stan Poduch; James Depillo
ISBN: 1-4180-1104-5

Sky rocketing turnover rates are a major barrier to the organizational success of today's truckload motor carriers. Now carriers can better understand the true nature of potential turnover causes and create superior responses with the help of this innovative guidebook. More Details...

Entry Level Truck Driver Regulation Training
Alice Adams

The Entry Level Truck Driver Regulations Training is available in a guidebook and CD-ROM. The guidebook features a detachable test that a driver can complete and submit to an instructor for evaluation. The CD-ROM features a special program to grade a completed test and then provides those who pass the opportunity to print a certificate of completion. More Details.. .

NATMI Titles
Various Authors

Various NATMI titles are available for purchase including the Accident Investigation Training Manual , the Hazmat Awareness Training Manual , Commercial Trucking Bilingual Dictionary, English/Spanish and more.
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