Entry Level Driver CDL-A Curriculum Kit

PTDI The Professional Truck Driving Institute has developed the CDL-A Training Curriculum Kit to help providers of tractor-trailer driver training programs deliver a course of instruction that meets both PTDI Curriculum Standards and FMCSA’s Entry-Level Driver Training regulation. Each lesson plan lists the applicable PTDI Curriculum Standard along with the corresponding FMCSA - ELDT unit.

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The CDL-A Curriculum Kit is included in PTDI's Complete CDL-A Training Package or can be purchased separately.

What is the CDL-A Curriculum Kit?

The kit provides a "curriculum in a box" for your Commercial Motor Vehicle training program. This curriculum is your instruction roadmap for trainees.  Because the CDL-A Curriculum Kit is formulated around PTDI's Training Standards it is certification ready and satisfies the required number of PTDI classroom, range and road/highway training hours.  It also exceeds the FMCSA ELDT regulation.

The use of this curriculum and lesson plans alone does not equate to PTDI certification.  While the curriculum kit is certification ready there are additional requirements for your program to earn PTDI certification. Review the PTDI Standards for training program operations and curriculum details including definitions of proficiency for all PTDI essential driver skills.

Also important to note, you may bring your own curriculum to earn PTDI certification.  The CDL-A Curriculum Kit is a resource if you need it (you are not required to use it).

Detailed syllabi and lesson plans are provided for each required unit of PTDI instruction. 

  1. Syllabi provide training plans for each unit of instruction and are suitable to be distributed to each trainee at the beginning of training.
  2. Lesson plans cover all required PTDI Skills (tasks and responsibilities of a CMV driver).

PTDI recommends you paid the curriculum with the PTDI Standards.  For details of PTDI curriculum requirements, skills and performance requirements, please review the PTDI Entry Level Driver Training Standards

What's included in the CDL-A Curriculum Kit?

Included in the CDL-A Curriculum Kit:

  • A total of fifty-six (56) files
    • One (1) Overview explanation of the curriculum
    • One (1) Catalog of all documents and the corresponding standards
    • Eight (8) total syllabi
      • Classroom syllabi - 5 (one for each unit of instruction)
      • Range syllabus - 1
      • Road/Highway syllabi - 2
      • All syllabi contain measurable performance objectives
    • Forty-Six (46) total Lesson plans
      • Classroom lesson plans - 26 (divided among each unit of instruction)
      • Range lesson plans - 10
      • Road/Highway lesson plans - 10
      • All lesson plans contain essential learning questions for you to build your assessments
      • Lesson plans indicate corresponding chapter in the Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Training textbook
Pair with the curriculum with the Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Training textbook to get instructor resources like PowerPoint presentations and videos.  Available through Cengage.

Preview a Sample Lesson Plan

Get a free preview of the CDL-A Curriculum Kit.  Download Lesson Plan 8 for PTDI Unit 2.1, classroom instruction of visual search.

What is the Format of the CDL-A Curriculum?

The CDL-A Curriculum Kit is designed to be delivered in a six-week format with two weeks each being devoted to classroom, range and highway/road training respectively. This allows for a new class of trainees to start every two weeks, if applicable.

For schools and training providers who prefer a scheduling format other than six-weeks, the CDL-A Curriculum Kit can be easily adapted to their training cycle or academic calendar by simply adjusting the time devoted to each unit and lesson to meet their needs.

PTDI recommends using the Instructor Resources that accompany the Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Training textbook.  The lesson plans reference the chapter to follow in the textbook.  Textbook is sold separately through our partner Cengage.

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The complete Entry Level Driver Training Program package contains the standards, certification resources, curriculum and ELDT Guidebook.  Purchase them individually or as a package.

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Schools with certified courses have access to PTDI standards and resources through their PTDI account.  Certified courses can access the secured content here.

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